i luv starting word...

1. what and when :-
what have u been done for d whole of ur life till now... and when u did it and being a shadow in every single motion...

2. why and how :-
actually so much questions in ourlife starting wif "why".. why why why why.... even in exam still got why... haish... but we r so lazy to think how.. how to solving the why.. related in every ways... =)

3. who :-

kaedahnye ---->

haaaa!!! dis 1 so many people duk terngiang2... whos dat... who is she.. who is he.. no matter how the person.. we r alwaz saying who... so dat we noe d person.. betul??? from who jugaklah we proceed d question dengan how... dah dapat jawapan... mula la gatal tangan, kaki dan mulut kite tanye what.... bila semua da setel, as human being, kegatalan kite menular ke why... kat situlah terungkai mcm2 jawapan..a de bes ade tak... hehe.. den we proceed to when.. dis time juz related to time... so lets time decide what will happen..

4. where :-
pliz say no!!!!!!! hahaha.. precaution step guyz... =)

happy tinking.. bubbye..

maaflah readers.. to many metaphors here.. hehehehhe..